Passionate about teleradiology


Direct Diagnostic Alliance (DDA) was formed in 2010 due to the recognition that healthcare providers need a teleradiology company that can deliver qualitative diagnostic imaging services in the most efficient way. A wide access to sub-specialist radiologists, technical and administrative staff, combined with efficient workflows, represents our operations.


Already in 1996 we started working teleradiology, and in 2004 the company that later became DDA in 2010 was one of the pioneers in the field of teleradiology. Currently the company has more than 70 specialists in diagnostic radiology and manages approximately 110,000 readings annually. High diagnostic quality, reliability and high level of service have always characterised the company.

With a team of carefully selected radiologists, talented IT technicians and skilled support staff, we are committed to teleradiology excellence.


DDA consists of two co-founders and executive managers to form a cohesive team with an absolute focus on quality and value. Non-executive managers were handpicked to provide substantial knowledge and experience from the fields of medical, finance, marketing, accounting and business management across a number of market sectors.

Martin Leger

Martin Leger

Managing Director and Co-Founder

Finds it very rewarding to work together with inspiring people with a drive to improve quality and increase capacity and efficiency within radiology. Has a true passion for entrepreneurship and believes that a positive attitude always is the best remedy. A family man outside work who loves skiing and golf. Never misses an opportunity to enjoy life.
Genta Banushi

Genta Banushi

Delivery Unit Manager

SEO effervescent in five languages, passionate about social media and marketing. Well versed in juggling multiple projects and an acrobat of web pages in the circus world of computers. Lover of wine and craft beer, an amateur taster in her spare time. Happier in the sun than in the rain.

Linda Nilebo

Linda Nilebo

Market Manager

Has worked with recruitment of radiologist within the public and privat sector in Sweden for the last 15 years. Loves meeting new people and make new connections. Has a passion for being outdoors preferably by the ocean and drive around Sweden in her caravan with her daughter.

Hans Geuens

Hans Geuens

IT Director and Co-Founder

Healthcare entrepreneur with an extensive IT background in medical imaging solutions. Always looking for ways to make use of the latest available technologies to make life easier for our client hospitals and radiologists. Likes travelling with the family and enjoys going to Camp Nou in the weekends whenever Barça is playing at home.

James Greenhill

James Greenhill

IT Manager

Has been working in healthcare IT for the last 10 years, prior to this he worked in telecommunications. Has lived for the last 13 years in Barcelona. Enjoys travelling with the family and wining and dining with his wife.


Christin Walberg

Christin Walberg

Business Analyst

Has worked within finance for the Nordic market during the last 4 years. Fluent in three languages and loves animals. Has a passion for travelling and enjoys visiting new places around the world.

Jan Mogard

Jan Mogard

Medical Director

Specialist in diagnostic radiology and neuroradiology. Has been working with radiology in Stockholm since 1984, held various hospital CEO positions in both public and private sectors and has been active in teleradiology since 1996.


Gitte Leger

Gitte Leger

HR Director

A changemaker with passion for people. Inspires of challenges to get people and business growing. Worked in the Nordic countries, Europe and China in HR functions, as a CEO and board member within public and private sector. Gets inspired by not knowing everything and meeting a deer in the woods. Loves her grandchildren.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will read our cases?
DDA only works with experienced radiologists who have been specialists in diagnostic radiology for at least five years. Prior to starting we will supply you with full details of your dedicated group of radiologists.
What are your prices?
Prices are determined on a country basis combined with your facility’s exact requirements, such as turn around times, case-mix and volume. Please contact us for a free consultation and quote.
How do we get started?
Once an agreement has been reached an in-depth understanding of the real clinical workflow, coupled with the specific IT requirements, is needed to ensure that optimal solutions are designed, implemented and supported. We always perform technical and diagnostic tests to ensure that medical quality, workflow, procedures and communication function in accordance with our joint-set requirements. After successful tests our collaboration can go live.
How long time does it normally take to implement your service?
The implementation process normally lasts around 2-3 weeks.
How do you manage quality assurance?

We have established a quality management system using the ISO 9001 standard and have begun work in accordance with ISO / IEC 27001. Established procedures and processes are reviewed, verified and developed regularly. New staff are trained and informed about the company’s quality and safety procedures and the company undergoes regular internal and external quality controls.

Do you have administrative and technical support?

Yes, we have a professional team of administrative and technical support staff dedicated to ensuring that our service delivery is of the highest standards.

Can we speak directly with your radiologists?

Yes, our various departments, including our medical team, can be easily contacted by telephone, fax or email even outside regular business hours.

As a DDA radiologist, do I need to have extensive computer skills?

It is an advantage, but you do not need extensive skills as we have dedicated technical staff that will support you.

As a DDA radiologist, I am interested, so what to do next?
To receive further information, please get in touch with us either by sending us an email at info@directdiagnosticalliance.com or use our contact form. All information will be kept strictly confidential.