Quality, efficiency and value
DDA recognizes that healthcare providers need a partner who can deliver the highest medical quality in the most efficient way possible at all times. Increasing costs, legislative limits to working hours, a shortage of radiologists and increased pressure on turnaround time make it challenging for hospitals and clinics to keep up with patient demand, especially at peak times during the year or when capacity is compromised due to illness, retirement, congresses or vacation.

We offer increased access to subspecialist radiologists, technical and administrative staff. We are continuously looking for ways to develop, improve and maintain our infrastructure to increase quality, efficiency and value for our partners. These are our core principles that mark us out as a preferred diagnostic partner for teleradiology solutions.


Sub-specialty competence combined with an industry leading quality assurance program ensures the highest standards for reporting quality. The purpose of our business is to provide evidence-based radiological measures corresponding to the patient’s needs, the client’s requirements and our ethics (doing the right things), i.e. the way that gives the best possible result for the patient (correctly) on time (high availability).

We have established a quality management system by using the ISO 9001 and has begun work in accordance with ISO / IEC 27001 as basic templates. Established procedures and processes are reviewed, verified and developed regularly. New staff are trained and informed about the company’s quality and safety procedures and the company undergoes regular internal and external quality controls.

We have a center of excellence approach, which has moved us to a higher level of performance through focused investment on patient-centered service enhancements, clinical alignment and integrated operations.


We deliver highly valued diagnostic services that are fast (reducing waiting time for treatment), flexible (help in vulnerability time periods) and reliable (solid capacity and technical setup).

Our greatest satisfaction comes from deploying teleradiology solutions that provide efficient, secure and seamless workflows. An in-depth understanding of the clinical workflow coupled with specific IT expertise is needed to ensure that optimal solutions are designed, implemented and supported.

We support the widest range of standards-based integration possibilities. Our service includes the development of a solid IT integration fully adapted to your existing workflow. By automating most of the workflow, we significantly lower manual work and risk.


We offer superior teleradiology rates to our partners thanks to our streamlined and efficient operational structure. You pay for value and results, not unnecessary overhead costs such as manual administration. There are no minimum, standby or setup fees.

A dedicated team of radiologists will be assigned to a given facility, which develops a solid working relationship between our radiologists and your facility. In addition, a full-time coordinator will be assigned to your facility for assistance. The coordinator’s primary responsibility is to continually listen, understand and improve our collaboration. Our advanced operational setup allows us to efficiently deliver quality service with fast turnaround times.